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Decentralized Finance and How to Engineer Generosity for Christ’s Kingdom


Learn How To Engineer Generosity for Christ’s Kingdom

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Assets Base Case & building

Our Mission & Approach

Stewardship Today.
Hope Tomorrow.

Kingdom Treasury exists to support smaller Christian ministries and projects that emphasize Rescue, Restoration, and Resilience across Creation. 

Just as Christ came to seek and save the lost, so we are here to help those who cultivate hope. God created the Earth and all that is within it to have fellowship with us and to bring glory unto Him. 

It is no surprise that through the thousands of years since Creation, sin has destroyed much of this glory; leading to souls, people, creatures, and kingdoms in need of the light and love of Christ until He returns and makes the Earth anew.

We Support Those Who


Build Bridges of Trust to safely remove from danger.


Reestablish Life, Structural Units, and Relationships.

Make Resilient

Domesticate Risk, Live Better, and Thrive with Purpose. 

Our Story

Jason and Stacey Ansley, the founders of Kingdom Treasury have been involved with Christian ministries and projects for several decades. They’ve shown up as leaders across the spectrum whether it be in leadership roles, behind the scenes, or as “boots on the ground”. 

The continued problem they’ve seen is the constant “need” for “more money” so that Christian ministries can reach their goals. The issue surfaces in that ministries and projects, especially smaller ones, spend way too much of their time trying to “raise funds” and less and less time doing that which they are passionate about. 

Instead of moving closer to what they truly wantthey are moving further away from accomplishing their mission! 

Through the innovation of decentralized finance, Kingdom Treasury solves the funding resource issue for smaller Christian ministries and projects by providing an ever growing self-sustaining source of funds.

The organization will utilize emerging blockchain technology to allow Supported Members “Supportee(s)” to withdraw funds on-demand in such a way that the base of assets continues to produce; creating an infinite well of resources and eliminating financial constraints. 

Seed Funding

Many of you have asked to help and so the Ansley Family has opened this up to you.

Percent APY

The ‘Base Case’ is built upon a persistent 70% APY and is currently well exceeding that. 


Kingdom Treasury is looking for 100 initial supporters to fund the seed ‘Base Case’


To receive the tools & funds to close the gap on their
‘Solvable Problem’.

Your Gift will Make a HUGE Impact


  • Seed Funding 10% 10%
  • Supporters 6% 6%
  • Supportee Growth 2% 2%

Towards our $100k Seed Funding Goal

A Letter from the Founder

Hey there interwebs friend!

If you are on this site, you most likely know me, or know of me because someone you trust sent you here. 😉

First, if you have not done so, I want you to scroll back up to the big Gold-ish colored button that says “LEARN HOW TO ENGINEER GENEROSITY FOR CHRIST’S KINGDOM”.

And I then want you to digest that content.

I’ll wait.

Welcome back!

If you are still with me at that point, there is a link in the bottom of the document you just read; or you can continue to scroll down on this site and complete the Google Form I have embedded.

That’s really all there is to do here. (Well that and give towards the initial Seed Funding.)

Do I have a roadmap? Yes, an adaptable one. I’ve learned that one can’t get too far out in front of themselves (or God) because new information is garnered and that then informs behaviors and actions.

In this case, it might inform the structure and some technology that is being implemented. I could say one thing here, and then 2 weeks from now something changes and you might get all bothered and be like “Jason didn’t deliver…”

So transparently, I’d rather not go down that road. I’d rather just build and deliver.

That being said, some of you, perhaps only a few or perhaps a lot more…I don’t know.

Some of you will be like,

  • “Jason I don’t care exactly what it looks like. I know you and your team are competent. I want to be a Supporter now!” or
  • “Jason how do I do this for myself?” or
  • “Jason I want to be or know someone/some organization that should be a Supportee…”

It doesn’t really matter. If either of those three scenarios are you…I want you to reach out.

My one last caveat even if you fall under one of the three categories above.

Understand that I am a Steward and I’m looking for people who want to financially revolutionize the Kingdom of God…therefore if you are not

  • An Early Adopter
  • A Visionary Christian

Then again, transparently, this isn’t for you at this time.

No hard feelings, but it’d be best that you sit back, watch, then get involved when you are ready…

In Christ with love,

Jason Ansley

Give Today

We have established this Give Send Go campaign so that while we put the structures in place, you can give generously now as a way to jump start the “foundation”. In addition it will allow those we already support, to involve their larger donor base; while giving others (such as yourself) the opportunity to be a part of something new, refreshing, and financially revolutionizing for Christ’s Kingdom!

Some of you may already be involved in the cryptocurrency and DeFi space. That’s great! Instead of contributing Fiat, here are the wallet addresses to directly contribute crypto.

You can send:

  • BNB or BUSD or USDT or  DAI via Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
  • FTM or  USDT or USDC or  DAI via Fantom Opera Network
  • MATIC or  USDT or  USDC via Polygon Network
  • ETH via Ethereum Network

via their corresponding network to the address:  0x8b3531C002200660b58Dc7F1A7bF2D86F656a5dC

Send BTC
 via Bitcoin Network to: bc1qukqrc2h73azkclehf9cyuu9ex8x669snp84lvn

Then complete this form to let us know that you sent crypto to Kingdom Treasury. 

Become a Supporter or Supportee